Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer days!!!

So I got a bunch done in the yard yesterday and today I have to get it finished. Went for a bike ride with the kids and had a peacful time....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

where did the time go?

Wow it's been such a long time since I have posted anything, but ya know thats how I am. I get something and only do it a little while and stop. But It looks like I have so much to catch up on. First things first though, I have offically completed my first year of nursing school and I am a practical nurse.....I have 2 more semesters left and I am an RN. I can't wait but the ride to get even half way was pretty rough. Nursing school is not easy by far!!!
My daughter finished her second year of gymnastics and did a performance it was great!!!! She also finished up her last year of school at Anderson, she moves to a bigger school, she is growing up too fastand it bothers me.:(

My son finished his second year of soccer and started t-ball, he is so into sports he loves staying active. He is going to be a first grader next year and going to school without his sissy makes him sad. He makes me a proud Momma!!

Schools out for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited :)