Sunday, January 29, 2012

A day in our p.J.'s

Yesterday was a lazy day, besides the fact I am still ill and can not talk. I managed to get in another insanity workout though. Today, I'm going to have to get up and get ready to go out to pick up hamburger buns and some other things. I let the dog outside and he ran off barking his fool head off and low and behold there he is the culprit: this squirrel and he just sat there. I could only imagine he was laughing inside thinking this crazy dog out here barking at me.
   I decided we had bananas that were getting ready to go bad so I put together a banana and pineapple recipe. Well the kids loved it now if I could only sneak in some protein and veggies we would be all set. Ya right. I had to twist their arms to try them when they found out pineapple was in it. My husband On the other hand said he didn't like them. These were pretty much the same identical recipe my cousins neighbor put together and she used pineapple
(makes them more moist) he said he didn't like the pineapple in them. HAHA how can that be? he likes someone else's but not mine. I think he is out to prove to put me down. Sure feels like it. I'll never tell him but his favorite lasagna from Latinos I went and bought without him knowing and brought it home and out in in a dish of mine and told him I made it, it was "alright" Makes me feel wonderful right.
    Later I gave the dog a bath, I got his supplies out and he went running away. We have a Yorkie so the wash consists of a kind of long process I have to dry him with the dryer and I get a trim in there too. He looks better almost like a fluff ball. I hate his long hair, can't wait for spring I'm getting him cut off, only because I am the only one who takes care of him.

Friday, January 27, 2012

         And so we wake up with the white snow they had promised us. We had about 3 inches, it's beautiful but I really don't like the cold. Thats not all we woke up with I have laryngitis and I am really worried because I have clinical Tuesday and I'm scheduled in the PACU starting IV's. Who is going to let me sart an IV with the way I sound? I am resting it and not answering my phones.
         The morning went a little smooth but when it got to packing lunches I bought the kids bottles with the frozen inserts so they can stay cold for them.My daughter had a fit because she wanted the blue one I told her theblue and green ones were Trevors "well I don't like pink and purple" I get so upset with
those two kids sometimes. I can go to the store and they can beg me for something we get home and its not good enough. I told her fine than go without and I can find someone to take them. She got over it quickly and wanted to take the pink one. I told her to go and pack it so she has water for the day. Low and behold look waht I found on the cupboard!!! you gotta love those kids!!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The little momets that make you smile.

At church today I was sitting in the pew towards the back of the church as I always do on Sunday morning. There is a good reason for this, first off I am not hard of hearing and when my children make noises we can quickly get up to leave without everyone knowing. And not to mention I can take in the whole picture of the church with all the people in it. It makes the heart feel full. As the sermon went on I notice a 12-13 year old girl sitting in front of me. For me thinking of girls around that age reminds me of you know the bratty stage, where no one can touch them. Her father put his arm around his sons shoulder and the girl reached up to hold his hand. That hit a soft spot for be because that just don't happen anymore. Granted I learned a lot today from the sermon but I took a little more than than just that. I learned that no matter what you can always feel the love of your parent at any age.It's OK to grab your daddy's hand in public it makes others smile.