Friday, January 27, 2012

         And so we wake up with the white snow they had promised us. We had about 3 inches, it's beautiful but I really don't like the cold. Thats not all we woke up with I have laryngitis and I am really worried because I have clinical Tuesday and I'm scheduled in the PACU starting IV's. Who is going to let me sart an IV with the way I sound? I am resting it and not answering my phones.
         The morning went a little smooth but when it got to packing lunches I bought the kids bottles with the frozen inserts so they can stay cold for them.My daughter had a fit because she wanted the blue one I told her theblue and green ones were Trevors "well I don't like pink and purple" I get so upset with
those two kids sometimes. I can go to the store and they can beg me for something we get home and its not good enough. I told her fine than go without and I can find someone to take them. She got over it quickly and wanted to take the pink one. I told her to go and pack it so she has water for the day. Low and behold look waht I found on the cupboard!!! you gotta love those kids!!!!!

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