Friday, October 8, 2010

sick, sick, sick.....

The whole house is sick!!!! It's been a long week not even sure how I made it through. Monday I had school and right after I had to work and Jim had a layover. So this meant I had to get a sitter. Sitter came and I got like 20 phone calls all night to tell me Brianna was sick and pucking all over....ewwww!!! So I kept her home Tuesday as I studied most of the day, Wednesday came and the kids had a late start so they didn't go in till 10:45 and after they left I studied more, getting a phone call and thinking the whole time Trevor is going to be next it was the school calling because Brianna was sick again. I got her home and she than blurts out "Mommy you have been so busy and I just wanted to spend time with you!!!" Sweet but you should have stayed at school. Wednesday Jim went back out for a layover again and bright and early the next day He calls and tells me he was up all night puking!!!! GRRR!!! I had 2 tests this week and I can't afford to get puky sick. So as the morning goes on very quickly I got the kids ready for school left and went to school myself  and are you ready???? picked the kids up for a dentist appt. at 3:30 got home and took Trevor to soccer at 5:30 and Brianna had swimming at 7-8. Got home gave the kids a bath and dinner put them to bed and I was beat!!!!! And the whole time this week I have been dealing with allergies and sinus and it has taken me down but I have to stay above it all that's what Moms do. Right? Now remember when you were little and your mom was sick? Makes ya think doesn't it??

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The's over!!!

So Briannas party was today and boy did we have a great time. I am so exhausted but all this hard work was worth it. Brianna took invitations to school and gave one to her librarian and she came!!!! That was a very pleasant surprise. She had her cousin and her friend form last year and another friend from down the street. Oh and other than the librarian no one came that she invited from school. So they lost out on the yummy cupcakes, the pizza from pizza hut and the gifts with candy, silly band rings etc.... but overall she had a good time.


Yesterday I went out for speed work and ran 2 miles, I haven't been running that great lately and I felt pretty good but like I said it was 2 miles and when you have it in your head you can give it a little more than if your going 5. The first mile I got 7:47 and the second was 8:45 but hey the last few runs that I have been running is somewhere on the average of 9:30-10:00 so it was a pick up. I'm actually sore today from it.







Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday my precious!!!!

Well, so far this is what I have: the cookies, cupcakes and small cake. Once I get it displayed I think it will be ok, I'm just really mad that I coudln't find famous chocolate waffers!!!! I had to use fondant and it dropped only because I didn't have the time to wait for it to get hard. Oh well who said a dog couldn't have ears that flop LOL!!!! More pictures from the party to come.

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