Saturday, October 2, 2010

The's over!!!

So Briannas party was today and boy did we have a great time. I am so exhausted but all this hard work was worth it. Brianna took invitations to school and gave one to her librarian and she came!!!! That was a very pleasant surprise. She had her cousin and her friend form last year and another friend from down the street. Oh and other than the librarian no one came that she invited from school. So they lost out on the yummy cupcakes, the pizza from pizza hut and the gifts with candy, silly band rings etc.... but overall she had a good time.


Yesterday I went out for speed work and ran 2 miles, I haven't been running that great lately and I felt pretty good but like I said it was 2 miles and when you have it in your head you can give it a little more than if your going 5. The first mile I got 7:47 and the second was 8:45 but hey the last few runs that I have been running is somewhere on the average of 9:30-10:00 so it was a pick up. I'm actually sore today from it.







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