Friday, October 8, 2010

sick, sick, sick.....

The whole house is sick!!!! It's been a long week not even sure how I made it through. Monday I had school and right after I had to work and Jim had a layover. So this meant I had to get a sitter. Sitter came and I got like 20 phone calls all night to tell me Brianna was sick and pucking all over....ewwww!!! So I kept her home Tuesday as I studied most of the day, Wednesday came and the kids had a late start so they didn't go in till 10:45 and after they left I studied more, getting a phone call and thinking the whole time Trevor is going to be next it was the school calling because Brianna was sick again. I got her home and she than blurts out "Mommy you have been so busy and I just wanted to spend time with you!!!" Sweet but you should have stayed at school. Wednesday Jim went back out for a layover again and bright and early the next day He calls and tells me he was up all night puking!!!! GRRR!!! I had 2 tests this week and I can't afford to get puky sick. So as the morning goes on very quickly I got the kids ready for school left and went to school myself  and are you ready???? picked the kids up for a dentist appt. at 3:30 got home and took Trevor to soccer at 5:30 and Brianna had swimming at 7-8. Got home gave the kids a bath and dinner put them to bed and I was beat!!!!! And the whole time this week I have been dealing with allergies and sinus and it has taken me down but I have to stay above it all that's what Moms do. Right? Now remember when you were little and your mom was sick? Makes ya think doesn't it??

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