Sunday, January 22, 2012

The little momets that make you smile.

At church today I was sitting in the pew towards the back of the church as I always do on Sunday morning. There is a good reason for this, first off I am not hard of hearing and when my children make noises we can quickly get up to leave without everyone knowing. And not to mention I can take in the whole picture of the church with all the people in it. It makes the heart feel full. As the sermon went on I notice a 12-13 year old girl sitting in front of me. For me thinking of girls around that age reminds me of you know the bratty stage, where no one can touch them. Her father put his arm around his sons shoulder and the girl reached up to hold his hand. That hit a soft spot for be because that just don't happen anymore. Granted I learned a lot today from the sermon but I took a little more than than just that. I learned that no matter what you can always feel the love of your parent at any age.It's OK to grab your daddy's hand in public it makes others smile.

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