Monday, September 17, 2012

Because I just don't keep up that well.....

Not that I don't want to continue posting my journey through life I just don't make time. I can't make excuses but that's the way it is. I am a full grown adult with ADHD and I am currently trying medication. Not sure that it's working but I'm tired of feeling like I spend the day on a New York Subway as I try to maintain my everyday things to get done. I easily get distracted and lose my place frequently. It sucks and it's worse when you watch your child suffer from the same thing and maybe just a little bit worse than what you deal with. But anyway back to the subject. It has been so long since I have updated this and I will give it a try to keep up. Since last time I was on here I have graduated with an associate degree in Nursing, currently waiting to take my boards and actually obtain the title Registered Nurse. It a dream that I always envisioned as a child. I finally did it!!! I want to continue on and ultimately become a NP. A long shot from here. Putting up pictures of memories of the summer!!
 Pool time with the cousins!!
My beautiful Grandmother
Trevor up to bat
 Running home for a score...
Camping trip 

 Handsome Trevor
 Cute Brianna
Tree that fell over. It was big!!
Walking the dog
Paddle boat rides!!!!!

My pinning ceremony
 Jan Johnson pinned me, I will never forget her!!!
What a special moment!!!
 Time for fun with friends!!!!

Brianna at crossroads

My nursing party:

 On the way to the Detroit Zoo!!!! That was a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple fest 2012!!! Brianna ran a mile in 9:10 I was so proud of her, Trevor ran the 1/4 mile like a lightening bolt and I just cheered them on!!!

First game of the season. U8 he really needs to be in U10.

Bedtime routine:

Looks like end of the school year field trips kinda out a sync:
My Beautiful gymnast:

     Recently Trevor who is now 8 is back on the soccer field playing below his level but I guess that's what happens when Your good at what you do. Yes I'm mom and I think he is good!! Brianna is 9 and is taking a break from all activity for now. She wants to concentrate on school and achieve the best she can. Soon she will be back in Gymnastics.

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