Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It is what it is......

It was Briannas Birthday Sunday morning September 30th. I tried to make her day special. All she wanted was waffles and whip cream for breakfast and she got just that BUT with flat whip cream!!! I bought it for her and low and behold it was all gone but a little bit and no one did it. The little  leprechaun ate it!!! The only thing I can think of. 
So as our construction continues we have the wood floors in and now waiting for the counter tops and carpet. Than I can get my life back together. Living out of a family room and trying to cook is not easy. I actually hate it. Karen from Kansas, the women that helped lay the floors and re do my island was saying it is what it is. And she is right it is what it is. I just have to learn to deal with it!!! So as you can see in my pictures behind Brianna is my new wood floors. I really like it even if my first choice was not wood but I have to compromise. Even if I hate to do it and it is after all "my" women cave the rest is pretty much my idea. So can I complain? Not really.
 My new dilemma is color. I want a brighter feel like sunny and happy and my first 2 choices are blue and yellow. I decided to settle with yellow in the kitchen but I'm still trying to figure out the living room. I have both a dark couch and chair. Thinking that I need a lighter color wall to off set the dark furniture. Thinking of a neutral or a light blue. I don't want to go too light on the blue and not to mention I realized the blue I was looking for was the same as my sons room and it is pretty dark in there. It looks like neutral and I could really just throw any color in there I want and it should match. Right? Did I just talk myself into something? Probably. Based on color I feel like I am kinda alone on it and I'm so confused at what to do cuz I like a ton of things and cant do them all.........well it is what it is.....more later and have a wonderful day!!!!

Ice cream oreo cake!!!

This is what she looked like this morning her style!!!

I think she is beautiful!!!

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