Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The first day of school......

This means I'll be back to school as well, RN clinicals. Nervous a little but I just want it over with. As for my kids the morning went by smoothly and Brianna was so excited however Trevor didn't show the same excitement. It was bitter sweet watching them get on the bus a leaving. I did forget to cry only because I didn't want to take away the happiness of them. I visited the porcelain goddess and read a small story then I headed out for a run. I was doing pretty good the first 4 miles 9:45 min/mile but because I decided to run my course backwards only thinking of that awful headwind, I got it ALL the way back home. It just about killed me!!! I'm still alive and getting ready to take a bath now. In the Peace and quiet.

Both kids getting on the bus.....
This is my beautiful Brianna she was so excited!!!
This is my handsome little guy Trevor.
Brianna hooked her lunch bag to her backpack it was so big I think she will do better if she just put her lunch inside her bag. Trevor has the same backpack but it is on back order I hope to get it this week sometime.
Thumbs up for an awesome day!!!!! I love you guys!!!!

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