Wednesday, September 29, 2010

morning run.....

So the kids are on their way to school!!! I'm going to get ready to go for a run, just a fun relaxing one. This morning was a little nuts it is spirit day and the kids dressed in black and red, one kid told me it was black and red and the other told me it was black and white. They both went with black and red, and I also painted a bobcat print on their cheek. Not long after it was on they smudged it already. Thats what kids do.

Tomorrow is my baby girls 8th birthday and this party was the one I was dreaming of having. She wants Dalmatians and black pink and white. I am so excited for it!!!! I love Dalmatians I have loved them since I was a teenager. Not to mention she wants pink and black and white. I am doing a mini cake with Dalmatian dog cupcakes around it and sugar cookies in the shape of dog bones. I will post pictures after Saturday. I'm hoping her friends come and she invited her librarian I thought that was a riot!!! She actually told her she was coming. After my run I have to get back to clean this place really good, Thursday I have school, and Friday I work than I have to get up for Trevors soccer game @ 9am than it's party time!!!!

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