Monday, September 27, 2010

study, study, study......

I have been going to school for almost 3 weeks and it is moving by very quickly, I am left with very little time to enjoy my family. So much has happened!!! Where should I start, My Grandma left for Florida this morning and earlier we celebrate Briannas Birthday so she could enjoy it too. She had an awesome time and got nice gifts from her family.

We went out and enjoyed a day at Wilcotts orchard.......well let correct that, it kinda wasn't the best. Apples were expensive, they didn't have any rides going and they didn't have their hay rides up and going. It really was a bummer:( but as the picture shows its not where we were its was who we were with.

This is the 4 generation, Phyllis the Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother also known as GG. Cheryl the Mother and Grand mother, Me of course Christyna just the mother for now and Brianna my little precious princess:

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