Monday, February 8, 2010

My first blog!!!

Got up this morning feeling like I am so out of shape, ate my breakfast that consisted of 2.5 egg whites with salsa on the top, and a bowl of dry granola I made with cranberries, peanut butter and mini chocolate chips. I'm sure its not that healthy however I made it with natural peanut butter and agave. I have been eating a ton healthier for about a week and to my amazement I have gained a few pounds. I wonder how that can happen, working out everyday eating a well balanced diet cutting out pop and drinking water. I feel like I should just go back to my old ways with no exercise, eating what I want and drinking all the diet pop I can fit in my day, I'll at least lose LOL. Oh well, besides that I set a goal and I'm sticking to it. I'm tired of felling tired everyday. I ended up Worth 56.5 minutes of running with an average of 9:54 min/ mile a far cry from where I was but I have to start again somewhere:x)

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