Saturday, February 13, 2010

The past couple of days

I haven't been on here in a couple of days. So I guess to stay up to date:


I woke up and decided to take the kids to school, only because we were running late due to sleeping in on the snow day!! I got to school and Trevors teacher asked if I could come in and help make the kids 100th day t-shirt and I did but I was heading to Target. Thats a place I love to go to!!! I walked down every isle of the place and found some pretty good deals. A 59.99 comfoter set with pillow sham for 15.00. I thought that was a steal. Anyway I went back home put some things away and went up to the school the rest of the day to help. Boy that was time consuming. Came home had dinner and took Brianna to gymnastics. She loves it so much!!! And I think she does a pretty good job, from what I can see. Came home put the kids to bed after studying with Brianna, and enjoyed a night watching the real houswives of Organe county. I love that show.


I took the kids to school again and just stayed up there to help finish the t-shirts. Things went by so fast because there were 3 other parent there. Stayed till 11:00 came home worked out, went and tanned and back up to school by 2:00pm for the kids Valentines party. It was so cute Brianna has a little boy crushing on her and he got her a half dozen candy roses!!! That was really sweet. Jim had a layover so it was just the kids and I. I watched a movie with Jennifer Aniston in it and it wasn't that great(maybe why I can't remember the name) had popcorn, fixed mine and Briannas mp3 player and finally went to bed.

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