Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Feb. 9 2010

Well today was a long day!!!Got up took the kids to school and the snow started falling. I was supposed to meet Shelli at her doctor and watch Sophie but Liz came over to her house so I just decided to meet her there anyway and go walk through the scrapbook store. Unfortunately the store was closed so we went to VG's and looked around. I decided to get some ground flax seed to put in the kids panpakes(HAHA!!! SHHH)Anyway i came home and Jim and I went to get our taxes done, was very surprised with that outcome. Yay for us!!! Came home made dinner Salmon, couscous, and squash. The kids had left over pizza. I studied a little through the chaos. I helped the kids with their Valentines for school, made the mini heart rice crispy treats(pictured) Gave Trevor a bath, Brianna read me her library book now I am going to get off the computer exercise and study. I'm sure to sleep good tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed for no school for me or the kids, as for me I have to pray harder!!!LOL Good night everyone!!!!

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