Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Feb. 15, 2010

This is my Valentines gift!!!!
My husband got this for me for Valentines day!!!! It was very much a surprise because we have not really celebrated hallmark holidays in the past. I really wanted the necklace and I still hope to get it in the future, he said maybe for our 10th year anniversary. I guess I'm starting to like the jewelry. I have never been a jewelry girl but I like it now.
I had to work the last couple days, second shift 2:30- 11:00 pm and I came down sick, I hate being sick and having to go to work. I feel even more tired and exhausted. But I hung in there and made it. Now I have to do some studying today for sure. I got a snow day last week and didn't have to go to school so I had an extra week to study and I better ace it!!!!!
Today is presidents day and I need to get up and busy, I have to get a few things from Sams and shower because last night I put vicks vapo rub on and I am a little sticky. I have this horrible cough at night and I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!
So the treadmill is calling my name and I'm feeling lazy and not want to get motivated. I really need someone to help push me along, however I feel like I have more motivation than most because I at least do something once a week. Most people don't continue. Well, enough for now hoping everyone has a great day.

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